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LAs Atelier is a truly Handmade Collective of décor and gifts made in South Africa.

We strive to create unique pieces that are driven by design and coded with care each and every time.

We love working with a collective of materials such as concrete, cement, clay, wood, textiles and fabrics and the list goes on.

Our products are offered according to these categories and most times we marry these materials to create unique mixed media products.

We are adding new and innovative products daily. We sincerely hope that you enjoy exploring with us.

We also love challenges and therefor will be happy to assist customers in making customized products that suits their individuality and personal taste.


The increasing demand for Handmade Products

The demand for the gifting, home and lifestyle industries for handmade products has risen hugely in the last few years.

Consumers have become aware of the worth of owning products that are not mass produced and because of the latest rise of purchasing via online e-commerce sites, consumers are happier when buying directly from the creator/inventor/crafter/maker/artisan.

This, in turn, means that the big retailers are competing directly with the sellers of handmade goods and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Consider the following when purchasing Handmade:

  • Direct access to unique and/or personalized or custom-made products. Ordinarily, consumers need to buy what is already on shelves like they are forced to buy shades, sizes etc of what is already there.
  • E-commerce sites allow artisans and makers to ship products anywhere in the world at relatively easy and speedy time periods. In the old days one could only obtain handmade goods from a maker, only whilst they were there on holiday or business travel. So in effect, e-commerce is wunderbar!!
  • Thirdly, consumers get a human connect, therefore, therefore get to know the person who made a unique piece standing in their home. It makes the entire process REAL and it gives a product authenticity. The human connection is also in knowing the story behind the maker and not only the product.
  • Handmade is generally perceived to be better quality than its mass-produced counterparts. The value is in the care and love that went into making the product. Most Handmade artisans generally prefer using environmentally friendly, organic and pure materials and consumers, therefore, find this more attractive.

Thank you for connecting with us and we sincerely hope that you like each and every part of your product. Please know that with your support, you are making a difference in many people’s lives.

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