We are so excited to announce the launch of our very own handcrafted chocolate. Don’t they look delicious? 

I’ve been working on this concept for some time and I must say it’s been challenging but so worth it. We use the finest Belgian Callebaut and roast and temper them into small batches of the finest and freshest chocolate. Then we mold them and package each of our bars by hand. 

By sourcing the finest and highest quality cacao, we will nurture your fascination for the scent of freshly roasted cocoa beans and for the delicious taste of skillfully crafted chocolate. Handcrafted in South Africa. 

We are a handmade collective of gifts, decor, home and lifestyle. All our products have been handcrafted and packaged by us.

As we are putting a huge focus on our GIFT BOXES, our chocolate will be dominantly featured in these as well.

Happy tasting,

LA xx