Folks, the story began late in 2017. I have always had a passion for great smelling things and working around my home beautifying things and adding 
my own personal touches. I have for  all my working career been involved in PR and events which I still love. BUT my new found passion of working 
with my hands and creating things seems to dominate these days. So candle-making and soap making is currently on my agenda. After experimenting I 
realized the secret to making great candles are fragrance, simplicity (adopting the hygge rule) and a clean burn. So the results my friends, I only 
use 100% soy wax which is a renewable resource and allows for a cleaner burn, unlike paraffin wax used by many companies. Soy wax mixes better with 
fragrance oils and results in less artificial scents. Every aspect of my candles are handmade and hand poured. I use the maximum fragrance to wax 
ratio. Remember if use too much it does not burn properly and too little, well we want awesome smelling homes, right. These lovelies pictured here 
are my Minimalism Collective. Clean, simple and elegant design that will add sincerity and charm to any home or environment. We now have three sizes in this range and counting.
  1. The very beeeeeg baby contains 2000 grams of Soy before the melting process and is Hand poured into a 67cm glass bowl, with a minimalistic white label and black satin ribbon . Priced R750
   2. The middle sized option is 1100grams of soy . Priced at R450
  1. The standard size is 200grams of soy and the jars have a lid. These are on sale now for R230 as part of our offering for Woman’s Month
We have around 26 fragrances to choose from. Please enquire what we have in stock when purchasing. 

Our philosophy is Handmade with Uber love and we are highly conscious of #zerowasteliving #ecofriendlyproducts #antianimalcruelty . 

Thank you for your support and buying local SA

Love and blessings 

Lesley Ann (LA)